With any game changing event there are bound to be some questions, hopefully we can answer these in our FAQ section below, if not contact us in the form below and we will answer you directly.

How Big Is The Hole?

Before launching the official Big Hole Golf cup we experimented with different cup sizes. We finally settled on 8 inches, which we found was still challenging yet fun and accessible to new players of the game.

Doesn't The Green Get Damaged?

No, the green is well looked after (watch our video on installing a Big HOLE Golf cup below). It is important to preserve the hole plugs and keep them moist in a shady area so the they can be transplanted back when required. Or alternatively, if you are going to keep the Big HOLE Golf cups in for a long period of time, we advise that you transplant plugs from the green keepers nursery when needed.

How Can I Bring This To My Golf Club?

Contact us with your clubs details and we will send through information on hosting and event and/or purchasing a Big HOLE Golf event kit.

Is There A Big Hole Golf League?

Not really a league, but we will be rolling out a National qualifying event across Australia, late 2014. We plan to have an International qualifying event in 2015 through-out Canada and the U.S

How Does My Handicap Affect My Scoring?

We don’t use your current handicap for a Big HOLE Golf event as we have devised a fair scoring system for our events. All Big HOLE Golf events are devoted to growing the game, so the scoring system encourages golfers without handicaps to get involved.

If we use Big HOLE Golf in a standard club event, can I get handicapped?

We are in the process of receiving a formal reply from the R&A and USGA on having Big HOLE Golf permitted when calculating course slope rating. ie You may have a slope rating for white course / Big Hole and another slope rating for white course/ standard hole.

What Competition Formats Are Best For Big Hole Golf?

We will be launching our format and scoring method during our national event later this year.

How Long On Average Does A Big Hole Golf Game Take?

Big HOLE Golf is a faster mode of play as you must play with the Flag stick remaining in the hole. In fact it’s a penalty if you take the flag out! Normally an 18 hole round is reduced to 3hours 15minutes and 9 holes to 1hour 30 minutes. “A fast game is a good game!”

Do the plastic cups move in windy conditions?

The Big Hole Golf cups are specifically designed to be stable in windy conditions. It is important that golf courses located in a windy environments use fibreglass flag sticks.

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